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Welcome to the official impMUSIC web page. impMUSIC is a Dutch based Music label, founded in 2003.
Whit impMUSIC became Around 2004-05 the genre “Hardstyle” more melodic and uplifting,
somewhat faster (usually 150 BPM), and distorted, sharp kick drum sounds were added.
Many producers started to pitch-shift a distorted kick drum to create a melodic bassline
that usually plays in pitch with a typical hard trance supersaw or a thinner electro house synth melody.
The melody often is in tuplet form, which gives the genre a pulsating rhythm,
whereas older Hardstyle as well as other genres such as “Jumpstyle” (imp LTD) (DJ Norman) have more
basic melodic structures to them. Thus, nowadays many people refer to the older style as early Hardstyle.



Since around 2008 (Bazzimplant), more terms to identify developments of Hardstyle were introduced.
Raw (Momentum Music) (DJ Festuca) is a type of Hardstyle influenced from
Dutch Hardcore or older Hardstyle resulting in darker melodies and deeper-sounding kick drums with more
distortion through VST plug-ins such as Devastor, CamelPhat, Ohmicide & TriDirt , Razor …

Besides being a label, we also run a DJ Agency, have our own music studio and host own events & parties. If you’re
looking for unique and talented DJ’s & producers Party Concepts, then you’ve found the right label!
We have several releases by artists such as DS Conspiracy (Now D-Block & S-Te-Fan), Hardstatic, Force 7 ,
Antifact (Now Headhunterz), Max B. Grant and DJ Vortex, Dan-Rider, D-teq, Wasted Penguinz, Festuca …

Our Labels

imp Records, (HardStyle)
impLTD, (JumpStyle)
Bazz Implant Recordings, (HardStyle/RAW)
Momentum Music, (HardStyle/Euphoric)
BunkerZ, (House,Techno,Trap,Bass,EDM)
impresz (Festival HardStyle)
HardCore Malice, (Hardcore/Frenchcore)
V-Core, (Frenchcore/Hardcore)

impMUSIC is bringing up the next generation of producers and our success speaks for itselves.
The Wasted Penguinz came from our label and we showed them the scene and they are now very succesfull,
and the next ones are ready to be set on the big stages!

Some more imp Producer DJ

Rezonanze, DJ Coyote, DJ Dizmaster, DJ Thilo, Bassfillerz, DJ Nightkiller,
The Abyss, Madstylerz, Novamatix, DJ Brainkicker, DJ Hardstatic,
MA-PE-RO (Vortex, Peppe, Roberto Pagliarini), DJ Norman, d’Carrera, Dd-Dee Jay,
SubSonic, Max B.Grant, Sigma dj, Equinoxx, MissXS, Arpa, Mighty Mike, Vodkabrothers,
DJ FLip, Reezer, DJ Michel, Miss Hiroko, Winnie the Kool (DJ Kayem), FerZ, DJ Divato,,
DS Conspiracy (D-Block & S-Te-Fan), Antifact (Headhunterz), Alphaverb, Intractable One,
N3ck, Vorny, Hell Twins, Kevin Kaoss, Hardstyle Mafia, MC Reptyler, Da Rook MC, Leoton,
Paul Overload, Sasha F, Lisboa-x, Troubleboy, Mouth of Madness,DeeJ-010 (The Planty Herbs)
Wasted Penquinz, Teequee, Hardstyle Kidd, Invitoz, impakt, MC Fixout, Sound Snatcherz, Ruhann,
Taperecorder, The Partycrushers, Da Morty, Rebox, M-Fever, Crucial Value, Vantage Point,
Jeanz, Zipp^, Funkhouser, Miky F, Walter One, Kris Coady, Genox, Dynaxmusic, Mike Tierra,
DJ Moms, Dave Dope, DJ Duco, The Architect, Kawaro, M-Recon, ShadowPhaxx, Dystielec,
Zygoma, Double Trouble, Waily, Re-Tunerz, Prodax, DJ Affix, MC J.o.p, GhostSound, JDB,
Inacopia, D-Master, Josh & Lareau, Spectroman, Wizeguy, Viezerick, Divani, Roy-al Dutch DJ,
Midway & The Blacksmith, The Collectorz, Hardbouncer, The Artistic, D-Teq, K-World,
Weaver Of Sound, Dan-Rider, Proto Bytez, Lunaticz, MC da Husla, Greendahl & Rasmussen,
Hardstyle pimp, Soundmazter, DDei & Estate, Free Zone Rebelz, Reyna Ferrera, Festuca,
Mindblowerz, Previsor, Bombari, Ukrainian Hardstylerz, Rawenvoys & Force Creator, Salvano VoleZ,
Second Chance, Artifex ft.animal tag, F.Noize, Mindshockers, Vextor, Astral Tribe, Alex Louder,
Distorted Souls, Pearce D-Lay, FourFingerZ, Scavenger, Denza, Sector One, DegraderZ,
Area 31, The Uninvited, Medical Fluid Project,Double F-ect, Viperized, C-Visual, Glenx,
Silverline, Hardwave, Area 31, A-kriv, Vexed Maniacs,Cedric Vésta, Asbjorn Boggild, Binary
Attack, Alii Dos Santos, Sedutchion, Renzo Bazzali,
Sapphire Digital, D-Mind,Reduction, Abductors, Otto Dorado, Distortionz, Tarax, VTX, D-Sturb,
Paco Ferreira, MC SkullCrusher, Phazer, Royal, Junk,Amicus,Sub Zero Project, X-System, Alternate,Vaza,
Sjammienators, HYDR8, Formentia, Devize, Smogbeatz, Fortiz, Tha Audience, Digital Freakz, Dantex,
Double Phunq, Funky Radicals, JordinDejong, Wood Vibrationz, SnKz, Corvus,
Ben Guaya, Griever, DJ Tektony, …


The Saga Continues !!!