The Saga Continues


  • F-Noize
  • Hardcore
  • Italy
  • F. Noize entered the world of music at the age of 16 years, offers his first Hardstyle productions to the public of Cyborg disco (Tr) under the name of Francesco Noize, enjoying a nice success. In 2007, produces some remix for DJ "Paolo Marocco" (Black Turin, Fight Club) and is thanks to one of these that he was noticed by DJ "Vortex" who decides to get him to join the team Hardforum, with this he participates to the major hard partys in the capital. After several collaborations with dj "Domix" of Hardforum Records label,finally release on Harderstyles records, Infinite Dream (Whattafuck), with the remix by dj "Simox", and continues to work with him like Mc. But the breakthrough came when he became Resident in the Industrialized event, is thanks to these partys that stands out and discover his true style ... After a short time,the Roman scene Underground welcomes to the project F. Noize. Now in the heart of this Roman dj was no more space for the hardstyle ... The high bpm, exaggerated distortions and vibrant melodies of hardcore had taken over!

    Years pass, and the talent of the little Roman DJ come also recognized around Italy, in the 'arc of 3 years makes a stop in Piedmont (Muzik loop Festival) Sardinia (Mito Area) Brescia (Number One) and other clubs in the capital,showing that his sound is unique and devastating.
    After closing with a flourish in 2011, F. Noize decides it's time to give life to the music he has in mind, a particular style that mixes Mainstyle, Industrial, Terror and Frenchcore, and after a short time in the studio, finally started to churn out his sound! His first Hardcore release Show N prove, along with Zeta Reticuli come released on Industrial # 1 label In Italy, the legendary Headfuck Records, thanks to dj X-Fly. After that he finally collaborates with Vextor (Vortex), producing an EP on Hardcore Malice (Netherlands)…is story is just begun!

    Numberone Disco (Ravestorm) 07 – 12 – 2011
    Wally Area Mito (Sardinia) 07 – 01 – 2012
    Piedmont (Muzik Loop Festival)
    Resident Dj @ Villaggio Globale (RM)