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Astral Tribe

  • Astral Tribe
  • Hardcore
  • Sardinia Italy
  • The Astral Tribe band, the first Italian liveact,  born in 1997. They propose 3 different live-sets: hardcore-postcore, breakbeat drum’ bass, minimal and progressive deephouse .Astral Tribe are resident in  Area Mito the main and followed organization in Sardinia.

    They play live like Dj’s mixing with two MC909 Roland original music, the set is organized in a little time even while the Dj on duty is playing. In 1999 the band have published a single with Killer Faber, “Fuckin’ Star” for Stik Rec. In 2004 they published the double cd  “Astral Tribe 1997-2003” for Catbull Rec, which  was sold out in a little time , and they have already published “UAAAARGGH!!! Live FreeCore in Alghero”, recorded at the Siesta in the after AreaMito on New Years Day 2005, Straightlife in 2009 (Viso limited) “Inyan” in 2010 (Acid80), and they have releases several house singles for Acid80, like Romancandle, Alwaysbush, Slapytime, Giantstation and more.

    Astral Tribe have collected over 1400 dates and they performed in club like “Ecu” in Riccione, “Dylan” in Brescia, “Evolution Planet” in Parma, and “Evolution” in Belfast.

    Their incredible and original sound is unique of its kind, they sound really different.